Profitable Leadership™

leadership training, management development and executive coaching

WE BELIEVE the life of a manager does not have to be the stressful, overwhelming and out of balance experience so many suffer.

So we have developed leadership training with a simple, sophisticated approach; reducing stress and improving productivity.

You get rapid results as your team's capability quickly improves.

Supported by executive coaching you become the strategic leader your organization needs.


NEW Open Leadership Training Programs in Singapore for 2015

  • MARCH 2015 HR as Internal Coach  FULL
  • APRIL 2015 HR as Internal Coach  OPEN
  • MARCH 2015 Coaching Skills for First Level Managers  FULL
  • MAY 2015 Coaching Skills for First Level Managers  OPEN
  • MAY 2015 Performance Conversations; Middle Managers FULL

  • SEPT. 2015 Performance Conversations; Middle Managers OPEN

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 Profitable Leadership Training

Leadership Learning, Made Mobile

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First Level Managers .

HR as Internal Coach.

Middle Managers Coach Training.

Career Lifetime Support from ACCI Alumni with master executive coach.

Probably the only leadership training you will ever need.

Managers report 30-40% personal time efficiency gain.

Regional Management Team apply learning from ACCI executive coach with remarkable results.

192% of profit target!

Clients measure direct profit impact of ACCI leadership development courses working with executive coach.


Meet Tony Latimer, MCC

As an Executive Coach based from Singapore, Tony's approach to coaching has an emphasis on results. He has a powerful ability to help his clients identify and remove the self-limiting beliefs that can be holding them back.

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