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WE BELIEVE the life of a manager or team leader does not have to be the stressful, overwhelming and out of balance experience so many suffer.

So we have developed leadership training with a simple, sophisticated approach; reducing stress and improving productivity.

You get rapid results as capability quickly improves.

Supported by TheCoachingApp™ your people get instant help when needed. On demand 24/7.








Experiences of a typical international group at a Profitable Leadership® training program. Learning experiences from a truly cross cultural class. France, Philippines, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Korea, China.

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"C" Suite coaching

Executive Coaching

Board Strategy Coaching

Leading Agile Teams

First Time Manager

Performance Conversations

Transition Promotion Coaching

HRBP deliver remarkable results.

Internal Coach Training

192% of profit target!

Clients measure profit impact.

Measurable change


Meet Tony Latimer, MCC

As an Executive Coach based from Singapore, Tony's approach to coaching has an emphasis on results. He has a powerful ability to help his clients identify and remove the self-limiting beliefs that can be holding them back.

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