Board Strategy Coaching

Board Strategy CoachingIn times of change, you need a clear vision of where the organization is heading, and your senior team aligned.

Alignment of Purpose®

helps you:

- Define Outcomes & Strategy
- Translate Strategy to Action
- Implement Rapid Organizational Change.

If you are struggling to get your Vision, Mission and Values to become exhibited as a part of everyone’s daily activity, this is the program for you. Board strategy coaching is a customised mix of group coaching, individual executive coaching and leadership learning as required.

Through a combination of coaching based discovery and learning workshops with on the job guidance your managers and supervisors will transform their approach to getting buy-in and commitment to produce the results you want. Workplace conflict will disappear and managers will learn how to become leaders and enablers of their teams.

We will show you how to take positive straightforward steps to get all departments and all levels committed to moving in the same direction and supporting your Vision.

Alignment Of Purpose® is a scaleable project based programme that will require the investment of a few days per month over a period of time.

Programme duration will depend on the structure of your organisation and the number of people involved.

Senior Management; are taken through a workshop and group coaching process to clarify purpose, vision, goals and objectives and deal with senior level communication leadership and change issues.

Operational Teams; are taken through skills workshops to deal with current issues relevant to communication and preparation for change.

Managers and Team Leaders; Leaders are coached individually and with their teams to roll-down the change process and acquire Performance Coaching Skills to ensure sustainability of change and performance improvement.

Your Organisation will learn:

- How to clarify Vision, Mission and Goals
- How to get your team to buy-in to Change and Start to Create it Themselves!
- How to eliminate negative blame throwing discussions
- How Managers can be powerful leaders and supportive enablers of their people
- How Managers can become Anchors Of Stability to those below them
- How to add a coaching style to their skill-set
- How to operate as an effective peer-leadership team
- How to give and receive feedback
- Deep awareness of the Needs of Others
- How to instil creativity, innovation & problem solving in subordinates

Client Experiences:

“I have just come out of the first half of a year which has had the deepest recession in our industry for at least 40 years, maybe 90 years.

My organization’s profit during this period is 190% of Plan. During and prior to this period myself and my management team have been through the Profitable Leadership® Performance Coaching course and have had the benefit of individual or team executive coaching from Tony. I attribute a significant amount of our success to implementing what we have learned through Tony. Additionally the teamwork of my management team has improved tremendously!”

David Turner, Executive Vice President Asia

Typical Engagement Purpose for Board Strategy Coaching:


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