Executive Coaching with Tony Latimer

Tony Latimer MCC BCC; Executive Coach

Executives should seek coaching when they feel that a change in behaviour, either for themselves or their team members, can make a significant difference to the success of the organization. Executive Coaching is particularly effective in times of change; I work globally with Leaders In Transition; transition for themselves, their teams or the entire organization.

Typical engagements are not time bound or charged by the hour. I believe senior executives need to be given the level of support appropriate to the situation and with a flexibility to deliver results and recognize the nature and demands of their role. I work with a limited number of clients at a time and reserve time ahead in my schedule to guarantee availability.

Coaching mastery is defined as being totally “in the moment” with the client. I do not impose rigid structures, methodology or assessments on you: Executive coaching with me provides the flexibility you need as a senior leader.

As your coach, gently, firmly, and very rapidly, I will help you get the result you need.

Tony Latimer MCC executive coach

Executive Coaching Client Profiles:

CEO; CFO; COO; CMO; Global & Regional Vice President; GM; Country/Division Head, Director

Typical Engagement Purpose for Executive Coaching:

  • “C” Level Transitions
  • Senior Role Transition
  • On-Boarding for Senior Executives
  • High Potential Development
  • Implementing Organizational Change
  • Leadership Skill Development

Client Experiences:

Tony has a sharp intellect that naturally finds the root of issues and improvement needs. When combined with a coaching approach and a keen understanding of people the results are exceptional.  Tony will challenge his clients to really make improvements and to stick to improvement plans. He also has the highest level of belief in his clients ability to improve and perform at ever higher levels – this helps install a belief and success in his clients.  If he was less expensive I would use him to directly coach every member of the KBC Asia team!  However his skills and proven results easily justify the fees he charges.

Anthony J Wood; Director of Business Development, North Asia


I have just come out of the first half of a year which in our industry has been the deepest recession in at least 40 years, maybe 90 years.

My organization’s profit during this period is 190% of Plan. During and prior to this period myself and 5 members of my management team have been through the ACCI Performance Coaching course and have had the benefit of individual or team executive coaching from Tony. I attribute a significant amount of our success to implementing what we have learned through Tony and Profitable Leadership®. Additionally the teamwork of my management team has improved tremendously !

David Turner, Executive Vice President Asia


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