Profitable Leadership™

the life of a manager, at any level, does not have to be the stressful, overwhelming and out of balance experience so many suffer.

a simple, yet sophisticated, approach to leadership which reduces stress and improves time efficiency. You see rapid results as your people’s capability improves; and you become the strategic leader your organization needs.

show you what you should spend time doing. You learn advanced communications skills; and how and where to use them as you interact with everyone around you in the organization. Profitable Leadership™ becomes a productive, rewarding and engaging experience for you, your staff and the organization. Are you ready for a new approach?

Profitability is defined as the return you get from deployment of your assets.

A Leader has three assets: Time, Knowledge and Values.

How you deploy them determines whether you demonstrate a Profitable Leadership style or a Bankrupt Leadership style.

Managers who constantly act as the “expert”; solving all the problems brought to them by subordinates, are leadership bankrupt. Managers who constantly “nag” staff about performance issues; yet never get them resolved, are leadership bankrupt.

Profitable Leadership is the use of non-directive coaching as the primary communication method.

Profitable Leaders deploy their time to develop the thinking and problem solving skills of subordinates, applying knowledge only where needed, then coaching staff to create their own solutions, taking ownership as they do so.

Resulting in higher productivity, lower attrition and a sustainable leadership pipeline.

The Power Of Simplicity

Complex theory tends to remain theory; simplicity gets applied.

The power of simplicity in our work is delivered through teaching managers sophisticated principles and application through simple frameworks.

Years of analysis, testing and practice have gone into refining an approach to leadership that delivers the power of simplicity.

Your managers will readily understand the concepts and skills we give them; and be able to apply them globally across the organization for immediate results.

Our Strengths

Our global delivery team are senior executive coaches with backgrounds in top international corporate roles. Based out of the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific they understand your context and bring their expertise to the unique coached learning style of ACCI programs.

The International Coach Federation (ICF) is the global professional association for coaching and sets the highest standards of competencies and accreditation exams for professional coaching.

We count several of ICF’s Master Certified Coaches (MCC) and examination assessors amongst our team.

Programs are designed by Tony Latimer, MCC and are in full compliance with ICF competencies for coach accreditation.


Tony Latimer, MCC     Head Coach & Program Designer

Tony Latimer, MCCTony is recognized as an innovative thought leader in the use of coaching as a management skill. From his first training as a young manager in the early 80′s, he has constantly analyzed, refined and tested his approach to bring the power of Profitable Leadership™ to your organization today.

He has combined his skill in leadership development with corporate knowledge and creativity to develop the only dedicated corporate leaders coach training programme in Asia.

Tony is Past President of the International Coach Federation Singapore chapter, and a veteran of 30 years in International Business Development in Asia, Scandinavia and Europe.

Tony trained as a professional coach with; Inner Game (1982), The Corporate Coach University (2001) and The Evolutionary Institute (2006) and is one of the few coaches in Asia certified by The International Coach Federation (ICF) holding the highest designation of Master Certified Coach (MCC).

As a member of the International Coach Federation Examining Board, Tony designs programs that are aligned to ICF competencies, and rapidly develop your coaching skills to the highest level.

Tony’s approach to coaching has an emphasis on results, and incorporates the understanding of the individual’s personal context. He has a powerful ability to help his clients identify and remove the self-limiting beliefs that can be holding them back.

He works globally with Fortune 500 Leaders in Transition.

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