ACCI Alumni

ACCI Alumni membership provides ongoing support to you in furthering your coaching skills through a variety of activities.

Alumni Network Site

Alumni members can access a forum site which provides discussion groups, access to the experts you learned from for interactive Q&A, and blogs, tips and techniques for coaching and management.


Alumni Group Coaching calls

Topics of interest such as ICF coach accreditation and coaching practice and analysis are the subject of our periodic group calls. Members can drive the topics discussed.


Reciprocal Coaching

One of the several benefits of ACCI Alumni membership is access to the reciprocal coaching system.

Available to leaders who have attended our Open Profitable Leadership™ program Reciprocal Coaching provides you with a safe learning environment to practice your coaching skills, beyond the boundaries of your current role.


The Process

Every few months we commence a round of reciprocal coaching.

In each round you are allocated to another leader who has trained with ACCI to be your coach; and another leader to be your client.

In each partnership there will be 6 coaching sessions, timing arranged to suit yourselves, over a three month period.

The Benefits

You get the benefit of ongoing free* coaching, for whatever purpose will help you, for as long as you participate, by another person who has been trained by ACCI to the same standard you have.

By coaching another executive you are able to practice your coaching skills in an environment different from your usual role. This widens your horizons of your application of coaching and is an excellent career development opportunity.

You can utilize the sessions (by agreement with your partner) to provide recordings to your mentor coach if you are preparing for ICF accreditation.



*Terms & Conditions:

ACCI Alumni membership is provided to the individual. In the event you should change organizations, you remain a member.
ACCI Alumni members must keep employment and contact information updated and available to ACCI.
ACCI Alumni membership is by invitation to open program attendees who fully participate in the program and S.E.P. sessions.
ACCI Alumni membership is an additional privilege we extend, not a contractual obligation from ACCI.
ACCI reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time.
ACCI reserves the right of withdrawal of Alumni membership at any time.
ACCI reserves the right to vary the scope and availability of Alumni services without notice.
Each round (6 sessions) of reciprocal coaching carries a nominal charge to cover the administration costs.



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