Employee loyalty is dead. The New Deal is . . .

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Back in the first half of the last century, I heard tell of companies who, facing hard times, would do anything to survive and keep the jobs of their employees. Then in the second half of the century it gradually became an earlier option. Now, if a company has a slight glitch in the share price, the first reaction is to announce a percentage job cuts, and loh and behold, the share price corrects, even before some luckless middle manager has received the email telling them to go and deliver the bad news.

Building a sustainable Coaching Culture

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A true coaching culture is where everyone uses the core communication skills underpinning non-directive coaching as the way they connect with everyone around them in the organization.

It includes hierarchical, matrix and virtual leaders being skilled at enhancing the performance and engagement of their teams.

It creates powerful Peer Leadership to remove the inefficiencies of silo structures and behaviors.

You transform your organization through the development of the leaders within it. Managers need to remove negative stress and burnout from the way they lead;  at all levels making adjustments to what they do and how they do it; becoming personally more time effective and skilled to develop their teams to deliver higher performance and greater engagement; becoming true Leaders of People.

The emphasis must be on implementation and sustainability of skills; bringing the power of practical simplicity to getting results; ensuring the future of the organization’s Leadership Factory.

Watch the video for  guidelines  to create an internal Community of Practice to support a coaching culture.

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Asia Pacific Coaching Conference 2012

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Janet Harvey, ICF global president 2012, opens the conference at ResortsWorld, Singapore.

Yesterday I joined the global board and representatives of new ICF chapters from around the region for a fascinating discussion session.

It was inspiring to join such a committed group of professionals. I look forward to traveling around the region through 2012 and 2013 and visiting their chapter meetings.

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Leadership Training Options

Open Profitable Leadership™

Run in a central location in Singapore. You work with a small group of peers from commercial and government organization from Asia Pacific region Europe, Africa and the Middle East. read more . . .

In-House Profitable Leadership™

Rapidly deploy training through regional or global roll-out. Or for specific shorter leadership training program. Our In-House options will meet your needs. read more . . .

Coaching Skills Masterclass

Coaching In The Matrix; Coaching for Awareness; Conflict Resolution; 3 Way Coaching; Take your skills to the highest level. read more . . .

Executive Coaching Options

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is particularly effective in times of change; we specialize in working globally with Leaders In Transition; transition for themselves, their teams or the entire organization. read more . . .

Board Strategy Coaching

In times of change, you need a clear vision of where the organization is heading, and your senior team aligned. Highly productive sessions for: Define strategy; Translate strategy to action; Implement rapid organizational change. read more . . .