Coaching, at it’s simplest, is defined as helping someone get:

Absolute clarity on where they are now

Absolute clarity on where they need to be

Absolute clarity on what they need to do to get there


Building a sustainable coaching culture

Coaching cultures don’t just happen. You need to make a concentrated effort working with a proven process to get the results you are looking for. Explore our options for Executives, Board Strategy and Managers Coaching Skills Training.

Executive Coaching

We specialize in executive coaching working globally with Leaders In Transition; transition for themselves, their teams or the entire organization. We provide one to one sessions for senior executives and group sessions for boards and regional leadership teams. No artificial models, no rigid structures, just pure masterful coaching to give your senior leaders the help they need and in the quantity and duration they need. We have a flexible approach to assignments which means you only contract for the amount required in a specific situation. We discuss your requirements with the individual, their direct manager and if involved, their HR partner. Only then will we agree the appropriate frequency and duration.

Board Strategy Coaching

In times of change, you need a clear vision of where the organization is heading, and your senior team aligned. Highly productive sessions to: Define strategy; Translate strategy to action; Implement rapid organizational change.

Coaching Skills for Managers

We help your managers acquire skills and put them into practice. For immediate and sustainable results. When we teach you skills we do so at the highest level; with an emphasis on practicality.

Our specialization comes from Tony Latimer’s focus for the past 25 years on the application of coaching skills in the corporate context. Whether you are one of our clients who travels globally to work with us through our open enrollment program in Singapore, or you have our top team travel to your location to deliver a tailored solution for your organization’s leadership training needs, we place great emphasis on the implementation and sustainability of the skills.