HR as Internal Coach

with ICF Master Executive Coach, Tony Latimer, MCC BCC

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ICF CCE approved advanced coach training

3 Day Master Class

Singapore, JULY 11th-13th 2018



For HR as internal coach, the biggest payback comes from the Transition Coaching.

Just one failed senior transition (promotion) has cost at least double the individual’s annual salary, probably in excess of $200,000.

Transition coaching can ensure success and deliver huge payback.

Departure due to a failed transition costs 30-50% of the annual salary of entry-level employees, 150% of middle level employees, and up to 400% for specialised, high level employees!

You cannot afford not to secure the future of your leadership talent.

Some large organisations choose to build internal coaching capacity to augment or replace external executive coaching at middle and junior management levels. This reduces cost and allows the organisation to offer coaching services more broadly and more spontaneously within the organisation. It also provides a cost effective resource to cover the areas which greatly benefit from coaching but are not covered by the roles and responsibility of an individual’s direct manager. Research has shown considerable financial ROI from coaching (Herze-Broome, 2010; McGovern et al., 2001). With this approach you can reap those benefits from areas not typically covered by managers coaching their staff.

We believe that in the organisation you coach for behavioural change; financial ROI, direct or indirect, will result from this, but the focus should be defining, coaching and measuring behaviour. We focus on the areas which fall outside the normal remit of direct managers and which deliver considerable payback and return on investment.




Rules of Engagement

Define the boundaries and linkages that the internal coaches will utilise to ensure the internal coaching services are a seamless support to the organisation’s leadership structure.

 Client On-boarding

Learn the most effective way to set up the coaching engagement to ensure success and measurable outcomes.

 Advanced Communication Skills

Acquire the deep communication skills required as internal coaches.

 The Coaching Conversation

Learn the power of the coaching process live based on real situations you bring to the session.

 Conflict Resolution

Two methods for rapidly resolving the deadlock of conflict.

Career Development Coaching

Coach against Leadership Competencies to develop staff for higher leadership roles.

 Transition Coaching

Prepares an individual for promotion and guides them through the critical first 90 days. A step often missed by organisations which can lead to huge cost and productivity implications for failed transitions.


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NOTE: Due to the nature of the program and it’s intended audience all applications will be assessed by our senior coach. Submission of application does not guarantee acceptance to the course.


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