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with ICF Master Executive Coach, Tony Latimer, MCC BCC

3 Day Master Class

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“A manager has the right and responsibility to manage their direct reports on the performance in their current job, and get them ready for the next one.

But beyond this there are a number of additional conversations which have a dramatic effect on employee engagement; yet fall outside the manager’s remit”


A manager has the right and responsibility to manage their direct reports on the performance in their current job, and get them ready for the next one. And for the past 15 years organisations have been equipping line managers with coaching skills to help them do this.

But beyond this there are a number of additional conversations which fall outside the manager’s remit; yet benefit from a coaching style; and have considerable impact on employee engagement.These are the conversations for the Internal Coach.

* The HR Business Partner as advisor
* Conflict Resolution
* Career Development Coaching
* Coaching an Agile environment
* Transition coaching for promotion success
* Guiding Rapid Organisational Change
* Mentoring High Potentials


“A thought provoking session that requires focus and ability to grasp key learning points; highly recommended for someone interested to learn coaching at a higher level”. BIORAD LABORATORIES

Some large organisations choose to build internal coaching capacity to augment or replace external executive coaching at middle and junior management levels. This reduces cost and allows the organisation to offer coaching services more broadly and more spontaneously within the organisation. It also provides a cost effective resource to cover the areas which greatly benefit from coaching but are not covered by the roles and responsibility of an individual’s direct manager. Research has shown considerable financial ROI from coaching (Herze-Broome, 2010; McGovern et al.,2001). With this approach you can reap those benefits from areas not typically covered by managers coaching their staff.

“Thought provoking: Everything is about science.” DYSON OPERATIONS

We believe that when you coach for behavioural change, financial ROI, direct or indirect, will result from this.

The focus should be defining, coaching and measuring behaviour. We focus on the areas which fall outside the normal remit of direct managers and which deliver considerable payback and dramatically impact employee engagement.

“Very interesting; challenges the usual thinking” SPRING Singapore

The course, designed and delivered by an ICF certified MCC, will equip you with the highest level of coaching skills and the Profitable Leadership® frameworks to vastly enhance the effectiveness of these conversations. It is in full alignment with ICF competencies and will count as coach specific training hours towards any future application for credentialing with ICF.

“Very practical and relevant course for all HR Professionals: Worth every cent of the investment” TOKIO MARINE LIFE INSURANCE

• HR Professionals
• HR Business Partners
• Senior Leaders who may be acting as mentors within the structure
• Senior Leaders whose role and influence reflects the shift from hierarchy to matrix
• Individuals who become responsible for the performance of others in cross functional projects

“Very engaging programme that requires your full engagement; practical and enjoyable sessions, not the usual dull powerpoint” SYMRISE ASIA PACIFIC

We believe coaching within the organisation should deliver rapid results. Each coaching conversation should take as little time as possible, yet be sure to deliver the required outcome. This can only be achieved when the coach is able to operate at the highest level of mastery.

Coaching mastery is defined by The International Coach Federation as being “a fully present; connected and in-the-moment” experience.

If you can correctly analyse what you do, you can codify it; if you can codify it, you can teach it.

With an extremely high capability for logical analysis, Tony Latimer has codified what he does as master coach; and can teach it to you. By leveraging Einstein’s beliefs that anything correctly analysed to it’s simplest components gives a universal truth, Tony has proven that the skills of mastery can be rapidly and easily taught; then all that remains is practice.

“It’s a life changing experience; You will learn a skill that will not only make you a more effective worker but a better person” SINGAPORE TOURISM BOARD


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HR Business Partner
Dramatically enhance the role of the HRBP by adding advanced coaching skills to how they advise and consult with the business. You learn the skills and the Profitable Leadership® frameworks to use in these conversations.

Conflict Resolution
When conflicts occur in the hierarchy, they present as a deadlock. We show you the coaching approach to rapidly breaking the deadlock of conflict and start a path to resolution.

Career Development Coaching
Engagement is one of the biggest challenges you face these days. Staff retention is a daily task. People disengage and leave when you don’t give them a reason to stay. Career conversations are a significant factor in keeping the engagement level high.

Coaching the Agile Environment
Agile environments bring their own challenges. Teams are taught to manage content development, processes and ceremonies; but rarely have the benefit management experience or training to handle the behaviours. These issues are often pushed across to HR. We give you the skills and the frameworks to be an effective coach to the agile environment.

Transition Coaching
When a promotion happens your manager has the right and responsibility to manage your performance in the current job, and prepare you for the next. Your new manager has the right and responsibility to manage your performance in the new job, and prepare you for the next. But organisationally no-one owns the transition. Transition Coaching prepares an individual for promotion and guides them through the first 90 days; a critical step often missed by organisations leading to huge cost and productivity implications for failed transitions.

Rapid Organisational Change
People only resist change they are not in control of. We will show you how to define outcomes and communicate them; triggering your people to take ownership of their part and the change required.

Powerful Mentoring
Senior managers engaging with high potentials as mentors can settle into simple “advice giving”. Adding coaching skills to the mentor’s toolkit can dramatically improve the implementation and effect of their shared expertise. You will learn the skills and the Profitable Leadership® frameworks to use in these conversations.

Advanced Coaching Skills
Coaching happens at two levels; to solve a presented problem, and creating awareness. An internal coach needs to be able to coach at both levels. You will be taught by one of the most experienced ICF Master Certified Coaches (MCC), to coach from the highest level of mastery. An engaging experiential learning process will help you acquire the deep communication skills required as internal coaches.

Rules of Engagement & Coachee On-boarding
You have to define the boundaries and linkages that the internal coaches will utilise to ensure the coaching services are a seamless support to the organisation’s leadership structure. You will learn the most effective way to set up the coaching conversations or engagement, regardless of purpose or duration, to ensure success and measurable outcomes.

“This programme will help you understand what coaching REALLY means and how it can be done on an everyday basis” LOUIS VUITTON



Tony is a Master Executive Coach, working globally with leaders in transition to develop their leadership skills and enhance business performance. Tony is one of the few coaches worldwide who have been examined and accredited by the International Coach Federation (the global independent professional body for coaching) as Master Certified Coach (MCC) and Board Certified Coach by the Centre for Credentialing & Education.

His background includes 30 years in technical, sales and leadership positions in Europe, Scandinavia and Asia-Pacific in Technology and Software companies. Always ready to challenge the unknown, Tony was the individual to “parachute into the dark” when companies were expanding.

Since 1982, Tony has been at the forefront of developing simple, yet sophisticated approaches to the application of coaching within the organisation. Tony delivers original thought and original work.

Tony has uniquely analysed what constitutes mastery in coaching and developed a method for teaching it to managers from even the most highly technical background. People who do not easily related to perceived “soft skills”.

Tony is a naturalised Singaporean, originally from England, so your people will benefit from Tony’s 30 years of coaching experience, development and original thought, plus 25 years in the Asia Pacific region. We guarantee every participant will be successfully coaching by the end of our programmes.

Over the past 20 years, Tony has trained several thousand junior, middle and senior managers in multi-nationals and top government agencies.


“Coaching as a practical approach to helping others in their problem solving” ORACLE

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