Board Strategy Coaching

Board Strategy CoachingIn times of change, you need a clear vision of where the organization is heading, and your senior team aligned.

Master Executive Coach, Tony Latimer, provides executive coaching for global or regional boards for:

Defining strategy; Translating strategy into action plans; Implementing rapid organizational change.

Best run offsite for maximum productivity and focus, board strategy coaching sessions are a customized mix of group coaching, individual executive coaching and leadership learning as required.


Tony Latimer MCC Master Executive Coach

Group Executive Coaching with Tony Latimer, MCC; Intenational Coach Federation (ICF) Master Certified Coach.

Group Executive Coaching with ICF Master Certified CoachBoard Executives should seek coaching when they feel that a change in behaviour, either for themselves or their team members, can make a significant difference to the success of the organization. Executive Coaching is particularly effective in times of change; we specialize in working globally with Leaders In Transition; transition for themselves, their teams or the entire organization.

I believe senior executives need to be given the level of support appropriate to the situation and with a flexibility to deliver results and recognize the nature and demands of their role. I work with a limited number of clients at a time and reserve time ahead in my schedule to guarantee availability.

Coaching mastery is defined as being totally “in the moment” with the client. I do not impose rigid structures, methodology or assessments on you: We work with the flexibility you need as a senior leader.

As your coach, gently, firmly, and very rapidly, I will help you get the result you need.

Client Experiences:

I have just come out of the first half of a year which has had the deepest recession in at least 40 years, maybe 90 years.

My organization’s profit during this period is 190% of Plan. During and prior to this period myself and 5 members of my management team have been through the ACCI Performance Coaching course and have had the benefit of individual or team executive coaching from Tony. I attribute a significant amount of our success to implementing what we have learned through ACCI and Tony. Additionally the teamwork of my management team has improved tremendously !

David Turner, Executive Vice President Asia

Typical Engagement Purpose for Board Strategy Coaching:


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