In-House Management Training

Whilst our Open Programmes are arguably the best option for equipping your senior leadership team with performance coaching skills and ongoing support, if you have a large number of managers you want to benefit from a regional or global roll-out of ACCI programs, or you have a specific need for a shorter management training program, just for your people; then our In-House options will meet your needs.

Introduction to Coaching – One day management training

Developing a coaching culture in your organisation is a journey. At the start of the process, whilst your senior managers are going through their coach training, you may wish to introduce the concepts to the lower supervisory levels of the organization. ACCI’s Introduction to Coaching module covers the basic concepts and applications of coaching as a leadership skill and how it fits within the organisational structure.

Sessions include live demonstrations of coaching applications as a manager, so that participants get a real feel for how they will benefit from the different relationships with seniors and subordinates.

Coaching Essentials – Two days management training

This course takes managers through the core communication skills underpinning coaching; teaches the structure of a coaching conversation and shows the participants how to apply the skills to their first application. Many managers when promoted, retain the attachment to their expertise. Instead of developing the thinking skills and knowledge of their teams, they remain in the “Manager as Expert” role and function as the problem solver to their team.

Coaching Essentials enables them to move away from this and step into profitable leadership as a Leader of People.

Performance Management – Three days management training

If the key issue for your organisation is a tolerance of underperformance, managers need to learn how to make Performance Management a “One-Time” conversation. This course will equip them with coaching skills and teach them how to deliver performance feedback in a supportive and easily accepted manner that resolves performance problems rapidly.

Performance Conversations & Leadership Conversations

The ultimate management training courses, both of the ACCI Open Modules can be delivered as In-House programs.  Our Master Coach team  based in USA, Europe and Asia can deliver ACCI management training programs at your location. Full Skills Embedding Process and ongoing support options available to ensure learning from their management training is fully implemented and sustainable.

S.E.P.™ Skills Embedding Process™

The secret to the success of clients who use our management training courses is attendance at the S.E.P.™ sessions. These are a crisp, one hour group coaching process, conducted by teleconference, and carefully designed to rapidly deepen coaching skills and support managers in implementing their learning to the workplace. S.E.P.™ sessions are booked in blocks of 5 sessions and should be conducted at intervals of between two and three weeks. The process is designed for geographically dispersed teams and enhances their phone coaching skills.

Coaching Culture

To create sustainability of your coaching culture, ACCI can support you in developing in-house capability for ongoing skills enhancement utilizing our Skills Embedding Process (S.E.P.™). Project scale will vary according to the size and structure of your organization.


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Leadership Training Options

Open Profitable Leadership™

Run in a central location in Singapore. You work with a small group of peers from commercial and government organization from Asia Pacific region Europe, Africa and the Middle East. read more . . .

In-House Profitable Leadership™

Rapidly deploy training through regional or global roll-out. Or for specific shorter leadership training program. Our In-House options will meet your needs. read more . . .

Coaching Skills Masterclass

Coaching In The Matrix; Coaching for Awareness; Conflict Resolution; 3 Way Coaching; Take your skills to the highest level. read more . . .

Executive Coaching Options

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is particularly effective in times of change; we specialize in working globally with Leaders In Transition; transition for themselves, their teams or the entire organization. read more . . .

Board Strategy Coaching

In times of change, you need a clear vision of where the organization is heading, and your senior team aligned. Highly productive sessions for: Define strategy; Translate strategy to action; Implement rapid organizational change. read more . . .