Leadership Conversations

Leadership Development for senior executives

To lead strategically at or near the top of the organization your senior management team needs a leadership development program to take their coaching skills to a higher level to strategically coach the organization.

Their focus is on creating the organizations’ strategy and translating it to the junior managers for execution. They need the same level of coach training you would expect for an external executive coach, as they focus on the leadership development of the future leadership pipeline.

Available as an in-house program, Leadership Conversations is Module Two of the ACCI Open Profitable Leadership™ Development series; and builds on the foundation coach training in Module One, Performance Conversations.

Coach training for senior leaders


Client Results – Profit 190% of plan

“My organization’s profit is 190% of Plan in the first half of a year which has had the deepest recession in at least 40 years, maybe 90 years. During and prior to this period myself and 5 members of my management and senior staff team have been through the ACCI Performance Coaching course and have had the benefit of individual or team coaching from Tony. I attribute a significant amount of our success to implementing what we have learned through ACCI and Tony. Additionally the teamwork of my management team has improved tremendously. Real Profitable Leadership.”

Regional Vice President, Asia. International Consulting Firm


Client Results – Rapid Organisational Restructure

“I am using the tools I have been taught by you on an ongoing basis. So far, it has been really powerful. It has allowed me to get to know a new team I did not know and to reorganize it within 1.5 months (with appointing new team leaders and transferring staff from one team to another and as well outside of the current team in a couple of months) and at the same time relocating satisfactorily a large group staff from Singapore to HK, and delivering as well positive and negative feedback related to performance of staff. It has really helped me to overcome my psychological barriers to speak openly and frankly. I really thank you for your tremendous contribution to make me a better manager.”

Regional Head, International Bank.