Mentor Coaching



Available only to ACCI clients who have completed the full Open Profitable Leadership program with us. Mentor coaching is intended to fulfil the minimum requirements for ICF (International Coach Federation) ACC exam application of working with a mentor coach, specifically on your coaching skills, for 10 hours. You will go through 5 sessions. It controlled most of the indian write my paper subcontinent through a combination of military force and its prestige as a center of sophisticated culture? Each session consists of:

1. Participant records a live coaching session for submission to mentor coach

2. Mentor Coach listening through the session and making notes; analyzing and making detailed observations step by step; aligning the observations to the ICF Competencies and sending compiled notes back to the coach (1 hour)

3. Mentor Coach reviewing feedback and discussion with the coachee (1 hour)

This process takes 2 hours for each recording. 1 Hour of mentor coach time to analyse and prepare, 1 hour of feedback and discussion with participant. We recommend you follow the sessions sequentially with one or two clients to enable you to track progress on application of learning. Fees are SGD3,000 per person

For continued practice you are strongly encouraged to participate in the ACCI Alumni activity. Right click to download the.